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How To Power California With Wind, Wave, & Solar Energy

By Joshua S Hill With a population of over 38 million and rising, California has often been deemed of sufficient size to almost be considered a nation-state of its own. The Golden State’s GDP is on par with many countries, and the state has also been a global leader in renewable energy — often standing […]

Solar cells cool themselves to produce more power

BY Jon Fingas   Solar power cells need to stay relatively cool for the sake of both efficiency and longevity, but active cooling (like ventilation) isn’t practical; it’s expensive, and may block the very rays the cells are supposed to collect. To tackle this problem, Stanford University researchers have created a new form of solar […]

Wind and Solar Harvest Enough Energy Now to Pay Back Manufacture Plus Add Storage

Renewable power can pay for its own manufacture via energy produced plus cover the cost of adding batteries Mar 21, 2014 |By Nathanael Massey and Nature magazine To be cost-effective, any source of power has to produce more energy than it consumes. Oil companies would hardly turn a profit, for example, if extracting a barrel […]

New Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool In Direct Sunlight

  Someday your home might be nice and cool in the middle of July without air conditioning. How? Some Stanford researchers have created a solar panel that cools buildings in direct sunlight. To achieve this goal, a panel has to reflect (rather than absorb) as much sunlight as possible, as well as radiate heat back […]

Stanford’s Solar Cell Turbocharger Could Boost Solar Power Output by 50%

Scientists at Stanford University have improved the efficiency of a revolutionary solar cell by around 100 times. Unlike standard photovoltaic cells, which only capture light energy, Stanford’s new device captures both light and heat, potentially boosting solar cell efficiency towards 60% — way beyond the 30-40% limit of traditional silicon photovoltaic solar cells. This new […]