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China offers tax rebates on solar power

Chinese solar panel makers have been going through a tough time amid falling prices and slowing demand China has offered tax rebates to manufacturers of solar power products in an attempt to prop up the struggling sector and also cut pollution levels. Manufacturers will be refunded 50% of the value added tax from 1 October […]

A startup aims to crank up solar power with efficient materials

Raising money for solar technology manufacturing is tough these days. But a startup called Malachite Technologies hopes to break through with an idea to design equipment that can make a solar cell using super efficient semiconductor materials that can boost the solar energy generation of a panel. The company pitched a hybrid solar cell concept […]

Shuffle for China’s PV Industry

      The global photovoltaic (PV) market reached US$50 billion in 2010, spurring the rapid growth of China‘s PV industry. However, its high profitability is coming to an end. Local manufacturers of solar panel modules are likely to enter a price war as PV modules face further price erosion due to subsidy reductions worldwide […]