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Solar May Reach 49 Gigawatts in 2014

Businesspeople are looking forward to 2014. Among them is the solar industry, which is anticipating continued growth into the new year as international markets continue to expand. At least one company, NPD Solarbuzz has taken a bullish approach anticipating that the global level of solar installations could reach 49 gigawatts by the end of 2014. […]

Solar Power Poised For A Huge Year In 2014

The equivalent of a 5-megawatt solar farm every hour of every day – that’s how much new solar photovoltaic power is being installed around the world right now, according to a leading industry analyst, and it’s a surge that will help the industry to a mammoth total for 2014. NPD Solarbuzz said it sees demand […]

Solar Power Could Be A Total Game-Changer

It’s very easy to hype solar, which we’ve been doing for much of the year. Capacity is irrefutably going up, and prices are collapsing. However, the absolute capacity figures remain relatively low compared with conventional generation. And in most cases, even large-scale solar is still not cost competitive with traditional sources of electricity. There’s basically […]