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Ikea leads the solar revolution, adding panel sales to its stores in eight new countries

By Drew Prindle   At around this same date back in 2013, IKEA changed up its game. In addition to its usual offering of flat-pack furniture and meatballs, the company began selling low-cost solar panels to customers in Britain — a somewhat puzzling move considering the country’s general lack of sunshine. It must’ve worked out […]

Nanowires Fuel Breakthrough for Solar Energy

In the latest issue of Science, researchers from Lund University in Sweden have shown how nanowires could pave the way for more efficient and cheaper solar cells. “Our findings are the first to show that it really is possible to use nanowires to manufacture solar cells,” says Magnus Borgström, a researcher in semiconductor physics and […]

SeaTwirl puts a new spin on Offshore Wind Turbines

One of the main drawbacks of wind turbines is the fact that for maximum efficiency, the power that they generate must be fed into the grid right as the wind is blowing and their blades are spinning. While that power can be stored in batteries for later use, some of it will always be lost […]

Developers Warm to Small-Scale Geothermal

Ground Source Heat Pumps(GSHPs), and their application in geothermal heat extraction, have matured as a technology in recent years. But their take-up varies widely in Europe from country to country. Climatic and geological conditions differ a great deal, and economic circumstances and traditional construction methods are wildly dissimilar. At the recent Ground Source Live! Conference […]

IKEA Building a Wind Farm to Power 17 Swedish Stores

IKEA Building a Wind Farm to Power 17 Swedish Stores IKEA has announced that they are building a multi-million dollar, nine turbine wind farm in Sweden that will power 17 of their Nordic stores. Tweet