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Big News In Panda Poop!

One of the big stumbling blocks to using biofuels has been the difficulty in breaking down tough, woody cellulose in stalks and leaves…but a microbe found in panda poop may be the key to making energy from raw plant materials. Courtesy: Tweet

New Solar Power Fuel Cell Runs On Wood Chips

New Solar Power Fuel Cell Runs On Wood Chips (via Clean Technica) We’ve been spending a lot of time on cutting edge solar thermal power projects this week, and here’s yet another new twist: a fuel cell that incorporates solar thermal energy, enabling it to use woody biomass, algae, and even chicken waste for energy… […]

10 Ways Green Technology Advancements Are Saving Energy

10 Ways Green Technology Advancements Are Saving Energy (via Dude, Sustainable!) It seems that virtually every product on the shelf is touting green benefits and materials. However, few products and technologies actually list their energy and carbon benefits. Here are 10 ways that green technology advancements are helping reduce… Tweet

Inventor Develops Way to Absorb Constant Solar Power

Though the sun is an abundant, ever-present source of energy for our planet, capturing this energy and using it to power our lives has proven harder for us than it has for plants. The problem lies in the technology we currently use to capture this energy. Solar panels are bulky, expensive, and unable to produce […]

UK’s Optimum data centre secures 100% renewable electrical energy tariff

Optimum, a UK datacentre owner and operator who operate the Hayes data centre previously operated by Sentrum, has announced that it has successfully secured its first 100% renewable electrical energy supply contract. The agreement will cover the entire electricity supply at the Optimum datacentre facility in Hayes. Securing this tariff confirms Optimum’s commitment to reducing […]