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Solar Power Generator

Renewable energy is the way to go these days, as we see the rise of hybrid vehicles that grace the roads around the world. Of course, you can always take the greener route that touts solar energy as the panacea of all the world’s energy ills, and here is a solution that you can always […]

Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Connects Rural Navajos

The Johnson family‘s hybrid solar-wind generator, one of about 200 distributed energy systems installed on the Navajo Reservation where about 18,000 people don’t have electricity service. (Credit: Martin LaMonica/CNET) NAVAJO RESERVATION, N.M.–Power transmission lines run a few hundred yards behind the Johnson family home here, but it took an off-grid solar and wind generator to […]

How to Greenify Your Home Entertainment System

Courtesy: Home entertainment systems take up a lot of space in the hearts of homes across the country, however the only thing larger than a big screen tv and a massive stereo rig is the energy footprint of all that gear. Fortunately, whether you are a home entertainment fanatic or a just someone who […]

Haier’s Transparent Organic TV

Image Courtesy: Can you imagine watching your favorite movies or TV shows on a television screen that’s like a translucent glass window? Well, the technology is not new though. Recently, one manufacturer has made it a reality. In hand of Haier, “crystal-clear picture” gets a whole new meaning. Haier apparently did not intend to […]

Happy Earth Day!

A Salute to Five Eco-Friendly Characters We wouldn’t be true TV nerds if we didn’t say we’ve learned a lot about the environment from our favorite characters. In fact, some of our. Tweet