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So, You Bought a Tesla Battery … Now What?

By: Tina Casey Telsa Motors rolled out a new energy storage system last week, and the news set the Intertubes buzzing. Tesla’s new Powerwall battery draws on the company’s considerable experience in cutting-edge electric vehicle batteries, and translates it into neat, compact units for homes and small commercial users, as well as utility-scale users. With the […]

Tesla’s New Battery Could Solve One of Solar Power’s Biggest Problems

By: Alissa Walker So far, specific details are thin on the new battery designed for home use that Tesla’s announcing next week. But just based on what we do know, it’s a pretty big deal. The quest for a good battery that can store home-generated power is kind of like the holy grail for a […]

Can The Gigafactory Run On Just Renewable Energy?

By: Christopher DeMorro Last week an area outside of Reno, Nevada was chosen as the site of the first Tesla battery Gigafactory. In addition to bringing 6,500 much-needed jobs and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility to Nevada, Elon Musk has also promised to power the Gigafactory using only its own, green energy sources. Can it be […]

100% Of Dutch Electric Trains Could Run On Renewable Energy BY 2018

(via Clean Technica) One of the unofficial themes of the World Energy Innovation Forum which I attended recently at the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont was optimism about renewable energy developments. Just several days later, it was announced that all Dutch electric trains… Tweet

Tesla & Solar: A Glimpse of the New Energy Economy

If you want a glimpse of what the nascent new energy economy looks like, pull off Interstate 5 in Southern California just before the steep climb through the Tejon Pass. There amid a cluster of fast-food joints you’ll find three Tesla Motors Superchargers sitting under a canopy of solar panels. The 480-volt Superchargers, which resemble […]