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Mobile Solar Power Blossoms In Arizona

In the aftermath of Sandy, mobile solar power – both on a fairly big scale and the cell-phone charging level – came to the rescue of some powerless residents. Now an Arizona company is promoting a pretty and pretty spectacular version that’s apparently lightweight enough to transport in a small car. The 18-panel device folds […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Green Cars

Courtesy: Contributor: Jim Motavalli What an interesting year for the auto industry! I certainly wasn’t bored as I ran around covering the dramatic events, which included the Japanese tsunami, a whole bunch of electric and hybrid rollouts, consolidation in the industry (the death of Saab and Aptera), controversy over government loans (to Fisker and Tesla, among others), the […]

Will the Cars of the Future be Hybrid or Full Electric?

Guest post by Dee A. Mason   There aren’t many aspects of technology that cause more ecological debate than motor vehicles. They are absolutely everywhere, and the vast majority of them are still using the internal combustion engine. From buses to lorries, and everything in between, our roads are littered with these gas-guzzling engines that […]