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Hemp – A True Environmental Hero

History The first recorded piece of canvas is made of hemp fibres from 8000BC and it survives to this day! The Chinese created paper using hemp over 2000 years ago. During the great days of discovery almost all ships set sail using hemp ropes and sails. Pioneers crossed the newly found American frontier beneath wagons […]

Sustainable Fabrics: How Green Are Your Clothes?

Do you wear green clothes?  Are they made out of eco-friendly textiles? You might have heard about sustainable fabrics, but just where do they come from?  What makes them “sustainable?” Generally speaking, there are two main categories of textiles: plant-based and synthetics.  Each individual type of fabric has pros and cons with respect to price, […]

Eco-Clothing Brand Unveils a World First in Fashion

An Eco-Clothing brand has made history by becoming the first clothing company in the world to establish on page traceability for all products. An ethical clothing company which unveiled a new range of clothing which aims to mix eco-fashion with trend to inform a generation about the environment. The Isle of Wight based brand makes […]