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Solar Power Gets Funky In Barcelona Pavilion

Future-forward architects, take note: tomorrow’s structures may not so much make use of the solar resources as be sculpted around them. That’s at least the vision of green building as it meets avant-architecture offered by the Endesa Pavilion, a.k.a Solar House 2.0, in Barcelona, Spain. The project was conceived of as an exercise in which […]

3 Simple Ways to Use Less Electricity in Your Home This Summer

GUEST POST If you live in a warm area, keeping your level of energy consumption down in the summer can be difficult. Fortunately, there are things you can do this summer to use less electricity. Here are some of them: 1. Change out your thermostat Older thermostats simply don’t work as well, and they usually […]

Step Inside the Real Home of the Future

Step Inside the Real Home of the Future – re:place Magazine And he noted how these buildings were pointing the way toward affordable green homes. “No big added expense,” he wrote. “The costs of the extra insulation and extra care in construction are largely offset by the savings realized from … Tweet