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Science Imitates Nature to Improve Solar Cells

By: Bob McDonald The black wings of a butterfly have provided a simple way to improve the light gathering abilities of solar cells. It is the latest example of how science turns to nature to find elegant solutions to technical problems. Solar cells are a wonderfully clean way to turn sunlight directly into electricity with […]

Flexible Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells Developed

Researchers at Stanford University have created the world’s first flexible photovoltaic solar cells. The new solar cells can be applied to almost anything and the scientists demonstrated this by putting the solar cells on peel-and-stick film which can be applied to rough, smooth, flat or curved surfaces. Until now most solar cells were rigid, stiff […]

Sharp Develops See-Through Solar Panel for Windows

Photo Courtesy: Solar power may hold the promise of free energy from the sun, but the panels used are expensive and do take up a lot of room. Typically you’ll find them installed on a roof or filling an area of land next to the building requiring the green energy. But now Sharp is […]

Solar Energy’s Future To Be Found In Nano Technologies?

Bringing down cost is of course the holy grail of pretty much all manufacturing, but in solar energy the issue is particularly acute. When it first came on the scene was heralded as a major energy source of the future but that dream hasn’t come to fruition, in large part because solar cells remain expensive […]

GE to build U.S.’ largest solar factory

GE to build U.S.’ largest solar factory, shake up market SAN FRANCISCO — In a move that could shake up the American solar industry, General Electric plans to announce on Thursday that it will build the nation’s largest photovoltaic panel factory, with the goal of becoming a major player in … Tweet