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Revolutionary Tidal Fence is Set to Trap the Sea’s Power

UK-designed turbines aim to harness tidal energy to produce cheaper electricity ? without endangering marine life, reports Climate News Network By: Alex Kirby A British company has announced plans for an array of unique marine turbines that can operate in shallower and slower-moving water than current designs. Kepler Energy, whose technology is being developed by […]

Nova Scotia set to Exceed Renewable Energy Targets: Minister

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia’s Minister of Energy says the province is on track to exceed its renewable energy goals. In 2010, the government passed a law requiring 25 per cent of the province’s power to come from renewables — like wind and hydro — by 2015. The law’s second target is set at 40 per […]

The New New Hydropower: Small-Scale Turbines have Big Potential

Engineer Jim Styner with the Hydrovolts test turbine. Canals are ecologically barren channels built for the utilitarian purpose of draining rainwater and snowmelt away from rivers and delivering it to farmers, factories, and homes. But something unusual has been lurking in an irrigation canal in rural Washington that promises to turn these concrete water conveyors […]

Scotland Planning to Generate 100% Electricity from Renewable Energy Source

Many nations rely on coal, oil and natural gas for their energy needs but relying on fossil fuels triggers a big problem. Renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, offer clean alternatives to fossil fuels. In the making of renewable energy Scotland is now one step ahead, an underwater turbine which generated electricity […]

Floating tidal power plant opened in Norway

Renewable Energy Focus – Floating tidal power plant opened in Norway Hydra Tidal’s floating tidal power plant, Morild II, has been officially opened in Gimsøystraumen in Lofoten, Northern Norway. Tweet