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A Solar Orb: Will the Face of PV Panels Change in the Near Future?

Guest Post As the need for solar energy efficiency improvement continues to weigh heavily on the minds of developers, many innovative designs are coming into the spotlight. Recently, André Broessel posted a new project on Indiegogo to fuel his research and development of an orb solar energy device. Theoretically, the giant glass orb is more […]

BMW offers solar panel packages for i3 buyers’ homes through SOLARWATT

For many early electric car owners, powering their vehicle using solar power is the ultimate goal. Smartly, BMW has recognized the pleasure derived from powering one’s EV from solar-generated electricity. Accordingly, the German automaker has teamed up with solar power company SOLARWATT to supply BMW EV buyers with rooftop photovoltaic solutions, for a nominal fee. […]

The Latest Tech and Gadgets to Turn You Green

Courtesy: Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment and the tech savvy have been given some great opportunities to do so by an innovative range of apps and gadgets. From new ways to recharge to information rich apps, tech heads can now purchase or download the environmentally conscious and eco-friendly technical advancements […]

A Roundup of New Green Building Products

A Roundup of New Green Building Products Subtitle: An HRV, a bath exhaust fan, a pressure-balancing grille, a sneaky video camera, and several new Passivhaus windows Images: Musings of an Energy Nerd It’s been about six months since my last roundup of new green building. Tweet

Perform Your Own Energy Audit

Perform Your Own Energy Audit – Green Building Elements An energy audit looks at where the energy dollars are going in a home or building.  Most utilities will do them for little to no cost, and there are contractors who will also perform them. Tweet