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Apple Looking at Solar Power Converters

By Daniel Starkey Getting “green” is going to be one of the tech trends that defines the next generation of hardware. As more customers are getting power conscious, the race is on to maximize performance and cut down on power consumption – especially for portable devices where the ability to run all day on a […]

Apple patent reveals future iPad Smart Cover could have interactive display, solar panels, built-in keyboard

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application revealing that Apple is investigating additional functionality for its Smart Cover, including an embedded display, solar panels and a built-in keyboard. Patently Apple reports that the patent application, which was filed by Apple in August 2011 and published on Friday, could be used as […]

Apple’s Solar-Powered iPhone

Breaking News Apple’s Solar-Powered iPhone Apple patented a system for solar-based technologies that can be implemented on a portable device and cell phone. Looking ahead, a number of new Apple products is no longer powered by chemical energy or batteries, but alternative energy … Tweet