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Solar Powered mPowerPad Charges Your Way

But wait it does so much more!  This device almost belongs in an infomercial.  It might actually take an infomercial to explain how it works and everything it does. The mPowerPad is produced by Third Wave Power.  The device is about the size of a large tablet but thicker.  It houses solar panels that charge […]

10 Creative Solar-Powered Gadgets for Green Geeks

Courtesy: Have you ever heard of such a thing as a light source that can emit light for more than 12 years? Sound sustainable to you? Well, it exists, and its name is Litroenergy. What if we told you that the light source is also cheap? What about non-toxic too? And it does not […]

10 Solar Gadgets To Make your Friends Jealous

Image Courtesy: ‘Go Green’ is the buzz word these days with companies and innovative designers across the world coming up with the ideas of gadgets that are powered by solar energy. These solar powered devices are totally emission free and they operate using solar energy. Here is the list of 10 interesting solar powered […]

“Solar Dok” solar powered outdoor charging solution

Outdoor gadget charging stations are a sort of relaxation for gadget nuts. Solar Dok is perfect solution for the gadgets running out of juice when you are on a picnic at some place far from grid energy. The umbrella on the upper part has photovoltaic cells to harness sun and below that lies a seating […]

Sneaker Harnesses Kinetic Energy

Extending battery life is a walk in the park University of Wisconsin researchers have come up with a way of converting human motion into energy to power a smartphone. But they say a commercial model is years away. While the principle of using kinetic energy from a person walking to power a device has been […]