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Disaster Resilience Part of Sustainability, Too

The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building at University of California, San Francisco. (Bruce Damonte, courtesy Rafael Vinoly Architects) As the world deals with quakes, storms, waves and eruptions, builders realize that surviving and thriving after these threats are key components of sustainability. By Bill Lascher As eco-savvy as the earthquake-prone Left Coast might […]

Home Depot Teams Up With USGBC to Bring Customers Green Building Products

Greening your home will now be easier than ever, thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Green Building Council and Home Depot that will launch a line of USBGC-approved green building products on Home Depot’s site. Although Home Depot already sells a bevy of green products, the new categorization will make it quick and easy […]

Seal The Envelope! – Green Build Edition

Our Green Building Edition series kicks off with plenty of good reasons to keep heated or cooled air from escaping outdoors…and your energy dollars from escaping from your wallet. A typical home can leak 40 percent of its internal air, but careful inspection and a good caulk gun can save homeowners some serious money. Courtesy: […]

This Year’s Expected Trends in Green Building

If you’ve been following the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) developments, you may be able to guess what some of this year’s expected trends in green building will be. If you guess testing of new green materials and technologies, more user-friendly home energy monitoring, and increased opportunity for education regarding energy products and […]

The Home of the Future

In the U.S., green building can mean a lot of things — recycled greywater, roof gardens, solar panels and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification all come to mind. But in Europe, many green builders focus laser-like on the amount of energy a building consumes, half of which […]