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Patio Umbrella with Solar Panels lets you charge your USB Gadgets

The luxury outdoors is no longer all about the hi-tech BBQ grill and weatherproof furniture, every element in the patio has been re-imagined to make your backyard your private luxury oasis. From hi-tech heaters to patio umbrella, its only getting better to suit our modern lifestyle. We have earlier seen the Cantilever umbrella that rotates […]

Teenage girls in Yemen develop solar powered gadgets to beat power outages

When the revolution started to sweep through Yemen, residents here were pretty confident that the conditions of the country will improve and they too would be gifted with basic utilities such as electricity. However, the hope soon ended and the residents found living in areas where electricity was only made available for just one hour […]

The Electree+, A Solar-Powered, Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Hits Kickstarter

Induction charging seems ready for its time in the spotlight, with the Nexus 4, Droid DNA and Lumia 920 all shipping with wireless charging based on the Qi standard built-in. Now a concept design that offers solar-powered wireless charging cleverly hidden inside a futuristic looking bonsai tree hopes to become a reality with the help […]

DIY Solar Pocket Factory Machine Can Print a Solar Panel Every 15 Seconds!

Image by NPR Science Friday Inventors Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein are looking to revolutionize the business of small-scale solar panels with The Solar Pocket Factory, a backyard photovoltaic panel printing system. Successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the two have placed themselves at the forefront of the micro solar movement, which aims to cheaply […]

Booster Brolly is Unlikely Team of Solar Panels + Antenna

If there are two concepts that don’t seem to belong together in any way, it’s umbrellas and solar chargers. In reality, you can only need one of those things at a time. But British telecom company Vodafone is, for some reason, putting these two together in a gadget they call the Booster Brolly. The umbrella […]