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Washington state just lopped up to $2,500 off the cost of solar panels. Here’s how.

By Heather Smith   All new technology, no matter how innovative, arrives in a world of pre-existing laws and regulations. But not all technology catches the same breaks. A company like Lyft or Uber can do its thing right out there in the open for a surprisingly long time, despite being — essentially — appified […]

Residential Solar Power Heads Toward Grid Parity

Photovoltaics are still, on average, a pricey, subsidy-dependent source of electricity. However, rooftop panels are beginning to beat the grid in a number of jurisdictions with high retail power rates—and their ranks are projected to swell over this decade. A growing number of economists say that rapidly shrinking costs have turned distributed solar generation into […]

Energy Innovation: Massive Solar Downdraft Tower Proposed in Arizona

The U.S.-Mexico border has been gaining attention lately, but not for what you might expect. Solar Energy, Inc. is attempting to build a massive hollow tower reaching 2,250 feet in height and 500 feet in width. If approved, this colossal structure would be able to generate 600 megawatt hours of electricity! Solar Wind Energy is […]

Northwest Utilities Exceed Green Power Minimum

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Electric utilities in the Northwest have overachieved in meeting requirements to add renewable energy to their portfolios. That’s according to fresh regulatory filings. All of the large utilities in Washington and Oregon covered by green energy requirements met the minimum threshold for this year. In Washington state, that’s three percent of generation. […]

The New New Hydropower: Small-Scale Turbines have Big Potential

Engineer Jim Styner with the Hydrovolts test turbine. Canals are ecologically barren channels built for the utilitarian purpose of draining rainwater and snowmelt away from rivers and delivering it to farmers, factories, and homes. But something unusual has been lurking in an irrigation canal in rural Washington that promises to turn these concrete water conveyors […]