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Recycling and Waste Removal In Australia

Modern society is full of conveniences; many of those conveniences create massive amounts of waste. This waste must go somewhere and be processed, or simply wait in a landfill where it piles up over time. Some of the worst culprits are plastic water bottles, and single serve coffee containers which are becoming such a problem […]

Waste Management Companies

Guest Post Waste management in the past has typically focused purely on removing waste and storing it or destroying it by the most economical and practical means possible. However over the past decade, a more environmentally sensitive focus has been encouraged, and often enforced, by new regulations as well as the general public’s expectations when […]

Taiwan to Benefit from Israeli Expertise in Water Management

Guest Post Israel and Taiwan have entered into a collaborative exchange geared towards using each county’s individual expertise in different fields of green technology to help improve the infrastructure of both nations. Simona Halperin, the representative of Israel’s Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan, announced a one day seminar in Taipei to act as a […]

Waste to Energy Could Process 40% of Beijing’s Waste

China‘s plan to transform 55% of waste into resources in the coming five years. Photo: Towards Zero Waste WA   Beijing’s municipal government is planning to divert 40% of the city’s waste at waste to energy (WtE) facilities in as little as four years time, according to local reports. This would be a 30% increase […]

Helping Cities with Waste Problems

Waste handling is a chronic headache for cities around the world. While growing public environmental awareness has led to difficulty in clearing new land for landfills, there is no drastic reduction in the amount of waste that people throw away. Park Nae-joon, CEO of Shen-Tech, takes pride in that his company helps the world tackle […]