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This is the Next Generation of Renewable Energy Technologies

Hi-tech football pitches, wave power and nuclear fusion are helping to move Britain away from ‘dirty’ fuels towards sustainable energy By: Rebecca Burn-Callander Scientists all over the globe are working to develop sustainable new energy sources to reduce our dependence on dwindling fossil fuel supplies. In the UK, just 5pc of the nation’s energy comes […]

The Kymogen Wave Energy Generator

Mechanical Engineer David Hartmann and Craftsman Jason Ballash have designed a new wave power technology called the KymoGen, which has the potential to produce clean, low-cost energy using the constant power of waves. Key to the design is its simplicity. A portable 8’x8? platform is tethered to a mooring on the sea floor. Inside the […]

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Wave Wonder – the renewable energy solution generating electricity every day of the year!

Eigg Primary School pupils have been busy creating a wave powered generator designed to produce safe and renewable electricity. It’s called Wave Wonder. With the Wave Wonder, electricity is generated when a magnet slides through copper wires wrapped around an inner tube containing a magnet. The complete generator is sealed in a strong protective outer […]

Searaser – ‘Bicycle pump’ generates electricity 30% cheaper than nuclear

Guest Post by Mathias Maehlum The British company Ecotricity has in the last few years been working on an entirely new way of harnessing energy. The device, which is called Searaser, combines the forces buoyancy and gravity to generate completely green electricity. Hundreds of new patents of methods to generate power is being applied for […]

Solar Powered mPowerPad Charges Your Way

But wait it does so much more!  This device almost belongs in an infomercial.  It might actually take an infomercial to explain how it works and everything it does. The mPowerPad is produced by Third Wave Power.  The device is about the size of a large tablet but thicker.  It houses solar panels that charge […]