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“Meet Me Under the eTree!”

Here’s a high-tech “tree” that, besides offering shade, will bring you free WiFi, recharge your cellphone, and give you a drink of water…all while running on the sun. Courtesy: Today’s Green Minute Tweet

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Solar-powered smart watering system promises battery-free intelligent irrigation

By: Derek Markham The latest Internet of Things (IoT) entry into the lawn and garden market offers an automated and app-controlled watering system to “deliver the perfect drink” to your plants. Over the last year or so, we’ve been seeing a whole slew of new ‘smart’ devices hitting the lawn and garden market, all of […]

Bigbelly’s Wi-Fi-enabled, solar-powered bins could lead to smarter cities

By Stanley Goodner If you’re walking down the street and your mobile device suddenly detects a Wi-Fi hotspot, stop and take a look around – you may see one of Bigbelly’s solar-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled, recycling/garbage bins nearby. With the help of New York city-based Downtown Alliance, Bigbelly has been conducting a pilot test in which two […]

Solar-powered palm trees get passersby online in Dubai

By Stu Robarts People out and about in Dubai can now use palm trees to get online and recharge their phones. The Smart Palm is hi-tech version of the date palm tree and is being rolled out by D-Idea Media. In addition to Wi-Fi and device charging, it provides local info, directions, seating and shade. […]

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Solar-powered trees are planted in Israel

All trees convert sunlight into chemical energy, but now there are trees that convert sunlight into power to charge devices, cool water, offer free Wi-Fi and more for the benefit of their surrounding communities. Thanks to an imaginative idea from an Israeli company called Sologic, solar-powered trees are taking root to raise environmental awareness while […]