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UK’s Largest Solar Farm to be Built on Leicestershire Airfield

Lark Energy has received planning permission to build Britain’s largest solar power plant, topping out at a massive 35 megawatts. The solar farm will be built on an old WW2 airfield named Wymeswold located in Leicestershire. It will consist of 125,000 photovoltaic panels, arranged carefully between the runways so that the site can still be […]

Campbell Soup to Boost Renewable Energy Use at Ohio Factory

  Campbell SoupCo. may be based in Camden, but Napoleon, Ohio, is the site of the company’s biggest food-manufacturing plant. Located near Toledo, the factory employs about 1,500 people who produce soups, sauces and beverages for the consumer-products giant. It’s also one of the focal points for Campbell Soup’s efforts to make its operations more […]

BMW’s Eco Technology Advancing Even More

  BMW’s technology is at the highest level when comparing the rest of the worldwide automotive industry. They already attract their target market with the great amount of technology what goes into their cars, from their electric windows to the engine.   BMW are now working on ways to make their eco technology that bit […]

Saudi Arabia to Build $640 Million Solar Power Plant in City of Makkah

Last month Citigroup released a report that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, could actually become a net importer by 2030 if its domestic consumption continues to grow at current rates. Currently the Arab kingdom consumes all of the natural gas it produces and a quarter of its total oil (three million […]

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels

  Physics Professor Develops Coating Over at the University of Houston, they’re cleaning up solar panels. Physics professor Seamus Curran, who directs the University’s Institute for NanoEnergy, has created a nanoparticle coating that, when applied to solar panels, keeps them cleaner, thereby extending their efficiency and drastically cutting down on maintenance costs. The project has […]