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Green Technology Spotlight: Wind Towers Instead of Wind Turbines

A company called SheerWind, Inc. is developing a wind technology that purportedly can generate 25 megawatts without having to build a mega-size turbine. One of its INVELOX towers produces four times the energy of the biggest offshore turbine and six times that of the largest onshore turbine. If the technology gets off the ground, one […]

GE Uses Supercomputer to Model More Efficient Wind Turbines

Wind is among the most efficient renewable energy sources. Still, there‚Äôs always room for improvement, and researchers are always trying to increase the power output of wind turbines. Now, researchers at GE Global Research are analyzing ways to boost wind turbine productivity by 2 percent. Given that 240GW of new wind installations is projected globally […]

New Wind Power System Claims 70% Increase in Wind Speeds, Triple the Power Output

Mass Megawatts/Screen capture One wind technology company is taking a different approach to low wind speed power generation with its multi-axis turbines and what they call a wind “augmentation system”, which claims to increase the wind speed at the turbines and triple their power output. Mass Megawatts Wind Power, of Worcester, MA, says that combining […]