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Storing Wind Power in a Giant Flow Battery

By: Tessel Renzenbrink A 100 m tall wind turbine is being erected at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) test facility. Once construction is completed the testing of one of Germany’s largest batteries can begin. Under the header of RedoxWind project, ICT has been developing a large-scale redox-flow battery. The aim is to […]

Liquid Battery Could Last for Over 10 Years

It might be an ideal form of energy storage for solar and wind power. By: Jon Fingas Modern batteries aren’t hampered so much by their capacity as their long-term lifespan — a lithium-ion pack can easily become useless after a few years of heavy use. That’s bad enough for your phone, but it’s worse for […]

Saudi Arabia will Invest Tens of Billions in Renewable Energy

By: Jason Lemon Saudi Arabia plans to become a “solar powerhouse” and invest tens of billions in renewable energy sources. Currently, less than 1 percent of Saudi Arabia’s energy is renewable. The kingdom’s economy relies primarily on oil production. Energy, Industry and Mineral Recourses Minister Khalid Al-Falih said that Riyadh will invest between $30 to $50 […]

Renewable Energy Growing Faster Than Expected

By Chris Tomlinson Worries that wind and solar power would destabilize power grids unproven The International Energy Agency says the world will generate much more renewable energy than previously expected in the next five years, disproving worries that relying more on wind and solar power would destabilize electricity grids. About 28 percent of the world’s […]

Wind Cheapest Power Source in Argentina Renewable Auction

By Vanessa Dezem and Silvia Martinez Wind was the cheapest source of energy in Argentina’s first power auction after the country implemented reforms designed to transform its fossil fuel-dependent grid. The minimum price for wind power reached $49.10/MWh in the auction, Sebastian Kind, undersecretary for renewable energy, told reporters in Buenos Aires Friday. Solar power […]

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