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The Promise of Wind Energy

By: Dan Utech No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change. In June 2013, President Obama put forward a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. We are making great strides in advancing our climate goals, and perhaps nowhere has progress been as dramatic as in renewable energy. Today, we harness three times as […]

GE uses plastic surgery on wind turbine blades for more power

By David Szondy   Sometimes progress can be its own worst enemy, with early adopters being stuck with obsolete equipment that leaves them with the choice of living with out-dated technology or an expensive replacement. The green energy field isn’t immune to this, and as part of a US$2 million renewable energy project, GE has […]

The Time of Wind Power for Homes Has Come Round Again

Courtesy:  Many years ago, wind power was commonly used for domestic purposes. Don Cervantes tilted at windmills that were being used for domestic purposes. In the British colonial era, wind generators were used to charge batteries that powered radios and allowed people to keep in touch with the powerful wartime speeches of Winston Churchill. […]