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Mongolia Confronts Smog with Launch of First Wind Farm

Mongolia on Thursday opened its first wind farm, a landmark $122 million project that aims to shift the country’s reliance on coal and tackle the pollution choking its capital Ulan Bator. A total of 31 turbines have been erected at the facility, which are expected to power five percent of electricity needs in a country […]

New Delhi Opens Solar-Powered Water Treatment Plant

…and It’s Run By High School Kids The operation offsets carbon emissions as it serves clean water to some 750 local families in need. Clean drinking water is hard to come by for many residents in New Delhi. (Photo: Sajjad Hussein/Getty Images) This week, India saw the opening of a much needed water-treatment center, which […]

Caltech Wins Toilet Challenge

Graduate student Clement Cid with the Caltech team’s solar-powered toilet. Credit: Caltech/Michael Hoffmann Caltech’s solar-powered toilet has won the Reinventing the Toilet Challenge issued by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Caltech engineer Michael Hoffmann and his colleagues were awarded $100,000 for their design, which they demonstrated at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, a two-day […]