5 Green Gifts Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

by Ashley Lauren Samsa

Annually, the total amount of money spent on flowers for mothers on Mother’s Day is $1.9 billion. Even more staggering is the fact that we will spend $671 million on Mother’s Day cards. Taking that even further, 26,683 jewelry stores place orders for Mother’s Day gifts, and 14,027 beauty supplies are purchased in conjunction with the holiday.

While flowers and diamonds are beautiful, and everyone loves a card and a day at the spa, these practices are not sustainable. Cutting flowers, mining diamonds, purchasing cards made of paper resources and wasting water at the spa are all the opposite of living green on Mother’s Day. Mom loves the sentiment of these things, but imagine how much more she would love sustainable gifts that won’t harm the environment. Pair these gift ideas with a homemade card made with recycled paper and a meal of ethically sourced food for an awesome, green Mother’s Day this year.

Organic Tea, Wine and Chocolate

Moms love tea, wine and chocolate. Why not take the extra step to make these gifts organic? Organic tea is much better for you because it is processed with fewer chemicals, and the tea bags are also free of chemicals. Organic and ethically sourced chocolates and wines are also good for you, and your mom can rest easy knowing that she’s consuming these indulgences that are good for the environment as well as good for her body. If you don’t have a store near you where you can go purchase these items in person, try some great companies that ship from the web. For organic, fair trade tea, try Choice Organic Teas. For wine, try The Organic Wine Company. For delicious chocolates, try Sonoma Chocolatiers.

Provide a Service

What mother doesn’t need something done for her around the house? Does she need her house cleaned from top to bottom, spring cleaning style? Does she need her yard cleaned up to get ready for the summer? Providing a service uses almost no resources, and if you do it yourself, you can make sure to do it in an eco-friendly way. For cleaning, use green cleaning products with no chemicals. You can find them in stores or make your own. For yard work, use chemical-free weed killers and fertilizers and plant an extra tree or bush.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Spa Day

Many spas and salons offer eco-friendly spa services. It might take a little extra work, but call around to salons and spas near you to see if you can find one that provides these services at reasonable prices. If you can’t find one near you, try buying your mom some eco-friendly spa products she can use at home. An added benefit to this is that it isn’t a one-time spay day; she can use the products you buy her whenever she needs a little bit of relaxation.

Plant Flowers Instead of Picking Them

A few years ago, my mom told me she wanted rose bushes to plant instead of a bouquet of flowers. I love this idea. Roses are easy to plant and are hearty flowers that don’t take a whole lot of care. Once the flowers start blooming, it’s easy to pick flowers to make your own bouquet as you prune the bushes. If your mom is an avid gardener, she will love the opportunity to plant more. If she’s not, consider planting the flowers for her. Then, she’ll be able to enjoy their blooms all summer long.

Create Recycled Jewelry

If your mom is a lover of all things sparkling and shiny, consider recycling jewelry to create something new for her. You can raid your own jewelry box or hers for old pieces you never wear any more. An experienced jeweler can melt these pieces down and create something entirely new and beautiful. This is also a wonderful thing to do because the piece you end up with will be completely unique for your mom while requiring no new resources to create. If you don’t have jewelry you’re willing to melt down, look for pieces that are made from recycled products. There are beautiful pieces out there made from recycled glass and metals that your mom will love.

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