5 Ways to Combat Indoor Air Pollution


We regularly hear about the dangers of air pollution and all of the negative effects it can have on our health, and we typically tend to associate that with outdoor air pollution. However air pollution isn’t constricted to outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution is just as big of a threat – if not bigger considering how much time we spend indoors – as its outdoor counterpart. To keep your indoor air clean and your family healthy use these five tips to combat indoor air pollution:

1. Keep your floors clean – Floors take a beating when it comes to dust, pet hair, food particles, chemicals, and a variety of allergens floating around in our homes, and letting all of those offenders settle in will only contribute to polluting your indoor air quality. Because we are constantly tracking in new rounds of these different particles, keep air fresh by regularly sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floors.

2. Buy a carbon monoxide detector – Carbon monoxide is a silent warrior, infecting and killing thousands of people every year. To ensure that your air is devoid of dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide levels invest in a carbon monoxide detector and regularly monitor the levels in your home. Often times carbon monoxide poisoning is lethal because people can’t readily identify it as the culprit.

3. Keep live plants in the house – Plants act as natural air purifiers, so keeping them in your home will help your indoor air regularly receive a good, natural cleaning. If you weren’t blessed with a green thumb try to pick low-maintenance plants to keep around the house. An added bonus: live plants in the home also contribute to lower stress levels and a more relaxed feeling overall.

4. Choose household cleaners wiselyHousehold cleaners are, unfortunately, full of chemicals that pollute the air inside the home, which is a bit of a contradiction since we buy them to clean the home. Switch to all natural cleaners where possible to help reduce the amount of chemicals being emitted into your air each time you clean.

5. Clean up your pets – Anyone with household pets knows that they can shed hair like crazy, leaving hair floating around the house and settling down in corners. While it may seem like a minor annoyance to have to clean up after them all the time, pet hair can actually be a major concern in terms of air quality. Regularly bathe your pets and vacuum up after them often to help minimize their effect on your air quality.
Indoor air pollution is just as harmful as outdoor air pollution and shouldn’t be ignored in the quest to clean up our air. Luckily we can combat it fairly easily if we make minor changes around the house, and keep ourselves and our families in optimum health.

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