8 Eco Friendly Ways To Wash Your Clothes

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Cleaning our clothes, while necessary, is a potential mine-field for the environmentally-aware individual. From the water and power that we use to the chemicals we flush into the water system there are a huge number of improvements that can be made to the “standard” way of washing your clothes to make the whole process more sustainable.

We’ve come up with eight different ways to make your laundry more eco friendly but we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below so please leave your feedback at the end so we can be constantly adding to this list.

Keep Specific Clothes For Messy Jobs

Whether it’s painting a fence, mucking out a horse or digging your vegetable plot there are certain jobs where you’re almost certain to get messy. Rather than wearing a different outfit each time, and having to put considerable time and effort into getting it perfectly clean again, why not select an outfit specifically for these jobs that you can clean less often?

Select an old pair of jeans to dig the potatoes in. Choose an old jacket for lugging hay bales around in and so on. Keep this outfit safely in your garage or an outhouse and only bring it out when you know for certain you’re going to be getting dirty. Then as soon as the job is finished, change into your clean clothes and keep your messy clothes safe for their next outing.

Only Wash Your Clothes When Necessary

We live in a world where cleanliness is important so I’m not for one moment suggesting you refuse to ever wash your clothes again or you wear the same pair of underpants for weeks on end but many people still wash clothes far more than necessary. I know of people who will only use a towel once before putting it in the wash. Many people will get home from work, put on their “home clothes”, only wear them for a few hours before bed and put then straight in the wash.

What I’m advocating here is just a little more thought about which items of clothing really need to be washed and which ones can easily be reused without any risk of marks, dirt or smells putting off your family, friends and work colleagues. Simply think before you put anything in the laundry basket and ask yourself if it really needs a wash right now.

Buy An Eco Friendly Washing Machine

Thanks to the “green dollar” manufacturers are being put under ever more pressure to create “eco friendly” equipment and washing machines are no different. There are now models designed specifically to use minimal water and power whilst still attaining the same level of cleanliness you would expect from an older, less efficient model. I’m not suggesting you should go out and buy a brand new washing machine right now but when your machine reaches the end of it’s useful life, consider investing in a new eco friendly model as a replacement.

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