Broadstreet Energy signs Flamemaster Corporation for 211.00kW solar power system.

Solar Energy System
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Flamemaster Corporation specializes in manufacturing an extensive line of

high performance sealants and coatings for the Aerospace, Defense, Energy

and Transportation industries. Flamemaster’s decision to go “green” marks

one of the largest solar power system installations of its kind in the city

of Los Angeles. The system consists of 1,144 solar panels. Flamemaster’s

conversion to solar energy is equivalent to removing 1,734 cars from the

road or planting 11,590 trees.

The Flamemaster system will be powered on in approximately one week from

today. “Going solar is yet another way we are able to preserve the

environment,” Joseph Mazin, President of Flamemaster Corporation.

Flamemaster minimizes their environmental footprint through their specific

chemical manufacturing processes and utilizing solar power will allow

Flamemaster to further reduce their carbon output.

Broadstreet signed Flamemaster as part of their Green LA program. “Such a

large solar installation makes a great impact on the environment in a very

simple way,” John Yakub, President of Broadstreet Energy. Broadstreet’s

Green LA program was launched 14 months ago, and has since brought over

1.5mW of solar power to Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit or contact Lisha

Yakub, Press Agent, at 661-373-7183.

About Broadstreet Energy

Broadstreet Energy is a Southern California based company. BE is focused on

the immediate need for renewable energy. Comprised of engineers, designers,

electricians, lenders and customer support which create an all-in-one

alternative energy company. BE provides alternative energy in the form of

Solar, Wind and Geothermal.

About Flamemaster Corporation

Founded in 1942, Flamemaster Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty

chemicals, sealants, adhesives, ablative and heat-resistant coatings and

electrical cable fire retardant coatings. Flamemaster is a public

corporation based out of Pacoima, California.

Press Contact:

Lisha Yakub

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    Right now I’m thinking about having solar energy power for our residence right now so I can still have the rebates that we can still get. You appear like you are really knowledgeable–I found you from NJ solar but I’m not certain their pick is quality–where can I look to find a good integrator? I’m here in Arizona.

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