Eco ways to use your mobile/cell and internet

By James Helliwell

How to Green-ify Your Cell Phone and Broadband Usage

Many consumers are becoming aware of the amount of energy that they use on a daily basis and its effect on the environment. In an effort to make the world a better place for themselves, as well as for future generators, these consumers are looking for ways to “go green”. Fortunately, some of the easiest ways to live a greener lifestyle is to change the way that many consumers use their cell phones and broadband services.

Recycle Old Cell Phones:

According to the experts at the UK Guardian’s Green Living Blog, over 35 pounds of carbon is emitted during the manufacturing of one cell phone. When considering that most consumers purchase a new cell phone at least once every two years, the amount of carbon released during cell phone manufacturing is astounding. In order to decrease the cell phone industry’s carbon footprint, as well as keep cell phones out of landfills, many consumers are choosing to recycle their cell phones.

Most popular U.S. cell phone providers will gladly take a customer’s old cell phone and recycle it for parts or refurbish the phone to be resold. It is even possible for consumers to sell their old phones to third party companies, so that they may repair and sell these phones for a profit. This recycling of cell phones is great for the environment, while being good for the economy as well.

Many consumers are also choosing to go green by purchasing used or refurbished cell phones. Not only are these phones environmentally friendly, they are cheaper than new phones, and do not require a consumer to re-sign a contract in order to get a good price on the phone. These benefits are encouraging many cell phone users to go green and purchase a recycled or refurbished phone, instead of only considering a brand new phone, as was commonly the case in previous years.

How to Use Your Cell Phone in the Most Environment Friendly Way Possible:

Because many cell phones have so many different uses, there are a number of ways to go green, simply by using an iPhone or Smartphone. These phones can be used to take pictures, listen to music, browse the web, make videos, and even tell the time. Therefore, Smartphone users will eliminate the need for watches, music players, video cameras, and digital cameras, which again, saves the consumer’s bank account, as well as the environment.

Also, sending a text message takes less energy than making a phone call. Environmentally savvy cell phone users can green up their usage simply by sending a quick text, whenever possible. This will not only use less energy, but it will help free up minutes, which will make it possible for users to downgrade to smaller and cheaper service plans.

There are also a number of applications that Smartphone users can download that will help decrease the amount of energy that their phone and/or lifestyle require. These applications stop phones from continuing to charge on a full battery, help users travel in a greener way, and offer a variety of tips in going green.

How to Make Your Intenet Usage Greener:

Certain mobile and high speed internet (DSL & cable) providers, including Red Jelly Fish, Green ISP, Landline Company, and Green Mobile, offer consumers a greener way of accessing the internet. These companies operate in an environmentally conscious way, using solar power and recycled materials, in order to provide high quality, responsible service. Many of these companies will also make a charitable donation or plant a tree every time a new member signs up for their service. While these services are still gaining popularity, they are a great way for consumers to make a difference, as well as help promote a greener lifestyle.

Courtesy of James Helliwell

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