Energy Efficient Wall Ideas for Green Home-owners

Staying green by trying to save up on energy is not as difficult as it may sound. There are plenty ways of staying green while cutting costs and much hope exists when it comes to saving our planet in the near future, bit by bit. Walls are, as you know, the outer casing of a home. Protecting it from various weather conditions is not the only benefit the walls can provide.


A prime step towards being energy efficient, that which your walls are lined with, is the first thing to keep in mind. Depending on where your insulation will be placed and what type you’ve opted for, you can save up quite an amount of money. Sealing air leaks not only keeps you warmer, but prevents the constant need to get up and fiddle with your thermometer, thus making sure you remain green and keeping your pockets turned the right side in. Unfortunately, an often neglected factor, the Insulation is a key factor towards achieving and maintaining energy efficiency.

Siding and Wall Cladding

If walls are the outer shell of a building, siding is definitively the walls’ answer to human skin. The first line of defense from wind, rain and sun, how it’s applied has a direct influence on your house’s outer layer durability. Cladding systems that are energy efficient have a higher heat resistance, thus resulting in less energy spending. When it comes to protecting your walls (and on that note, your home), stone makes for an extremely durable type of exterior wall cladding. Requiring less energy to maintain the indoors temperature, siding and wall cladding are a great way to support energy efficiency. Therefore, it is of huge importance that you keep quality cladding in mind and reinforce your home’s first line of defense.

Green Walls

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Not only will green walls make people turn their heads in interest, but are a fantastic way of staying energy efficient. Consisting of a frame, panels that are waterproof, irrigation systems and plants, this kind of your home’s outer shell is a great way to save up money, as well as energy. The frame is placed along the walls, making sure there’s air between them to avoid having to deal with moisture. Then, the panels are set up, as a means of holding the whole thing together. Green walls have a great deal to brag about. If you’ve covered your walls in green, you’ve chosen sustainability and durability. In addition to providing quality thermal and acoustic isolation, they work as natural air cleaners, even more so if you cover your home’s interior with them.

While staying green by keeping energy efficiency in mind may not come as a breeze after all, a bit more dedication and motivation are a low price to pay for all the benefits provided. Not only will your energy bill be kinder to you in the long term, but it’s a great and progressive
way to nurture a green consciousness in your mind. If you want to help raise global awareness and be that person that supports the trend of saving the Earth, one wall at the time, Think about keeping the last couple of paragraphs in mind.


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