Fireworks to go ‘green’ for New Years holiday

A local firework company is promoting its eco-friendly, low emission fireworks in an effort to cut down pollution over the Chinese Lunar New Year. The fireworks, made to emit less sulphur dioxide, were first tested during Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo and are expected to take up half the wholesale market.

Shanghai Daily:

Jinqiling, a local fireworks company and responsible for purchasing and supplying fireworks to the city’s retailers, said it will introduce a new type of “green” fireworks this year instead of the regular ones. It said the new fireworks will take up half the wholesale market. The fireworks were first tested during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

The excessive use of fireworks for celebratory occasions has come under scrutiny this year due to their potential contribution to smog. During the peak of the 2013 holiday, Shanghai’s PM2.5 levels jumped up to 523.

Sales of electronic fireworks rose this past year, but city workers say they haven’t had any substantial impact.

“From the trash, we can see that electronic fireworks are far from popular. The majority still favor traditional ones,” one of the city’s sanitation workers said.

Beijing’s Hebei Hubei province even resorted to implementing a village-wide firework ban eight years ago to reduce the noise and promote better air quality. “Now during Spring Festival holidays people can leave their windows open and can freely engage with each other in all kinds of hearty activities without being disturbed. All the residents were in agreement that their community is so much better now,” Danwei reported this year.

The “green” fireworks promise to deliver similar visual effects to general fireworks at an equal price, but some city residents are skeptical.

“We can celebrate this festival in other ways, for example, having hotpot together,” one man named Tang said to the Daily.

We only hope we can rely on the eco-friendly variety to produce that same raucous pop that startles us out of bed at the earliest light of day for weeks straight.


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