How to Have a “Green” Halloween

Plastic decorations, candy wrappers, and costumes can lead to a significant increase in household waste at this time of year. Next to christmas halloween is the second biggest holiday for retailers. We dont think that you should skip out on the fun of Halloween but here are some helpful tips on how to keep your halloween green.

Green Decorations:

Try to re-use Halloween decorations in the same way that Christmas ornaments are used from year-to-year, instead of throwing them away each November first. Natural decorations with gourds, pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns can be a great replacement for commerically bought plastic decorations! You can also lower your emissions on Halloween by buying locally grown pumpkins, and then lower your waste by composting them after Halloween is over.

Green Trick-or-Treating

Send your children trick-or-treating with reusable buckets, canvas bags or pillow cases. Lower emissions by trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. Pass out healthy, fair-trade candy to the trick-or-treaters that come knocking on your door.

Green Costumes:

Consider reusing or recycling costumes from previous years to make new costumes, or recycling old clothing into new costumes. Set yourself up for next year by making a Halloween costume box and throughout the year throw old clothes, interesting props and recyclable materials into it by the time halloween rolls around again you’ll have a box full of eco friendly materials to repurpose. Planning ahead helps you to avoid those last minute stops at the big box retailer.


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