Green on the Road

by Dave Allan

We often think Green at home or work, but often become lax when away on vacation and staying at a hotel, motel or B&B. Here are some tips to take with you next time you’ re on vacation to educate your host.

1. Educate staff to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied. Also, during summer months, close the drapes.

2. Install low-flow showerheads and sink aerators. Switch to low-flow toilets or install toilet-tank fill diverters.

3. Start a linen (both towels and sheets) reuse program in all guest rooms.

4. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs in guestrooms, lobbies, and hallways. Use sensors and/or timers for areas that are infrequently used.

5. Provide guestroom recycler baskets for newspaper, white paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic.

6. Buy office and guest amenity products that contain recycled material.

7. Whenever possible, buy food and guest amenities in bulk (i.e., use refillable skin and hair care dispensers).

8. Use nontoxic or least toxic cleaners, sanitizers, paints, pesticides, etc. Make sure all chemicals are stored safely in a well-ventilated area.

9. Provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, ceramic dishes, etc. with all food and beverage services.

10. If the hotel has a pool and/or hot tub, install a solar water heating system and use pool and hot tub covers when the pool area is closed.

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