Green New Years Resolutions



As the New Year is quickly approaching some of us are pondering what our next failed attempt at a resolution will be. So many times I see people make resolutions and quickly break them days, weeks, or months later, but the beauty of the New Year’s Resolution is that it’s more of a reminder for us to try to correct something in our lives or accomplish a great task. It’s never silly to have goals put in place.

Writing them down and making a promise to honor them only solidifies the true meaning of the word “goal” whether it be long term or short term. Despite if we fail or not, the important thing is we try and not get down on ourselves if we indeed do fail. So what are some great resolution ideas for this next year that are not so traditional? I’ve put together a list of “green resolutions” that you may want to take a crack at. Each idea was derived from some of our favorite blog postings over the years.

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