Make Your Next House Move a Green One

Guest Post by Kathryn Thompson

          Photo Courtesy: Flickr

There’s an enormous and much welcomed spotlight on green issues and solutions at the moment: from creative recycling ideas to renewable energy and electric cars. ‘Green’ initiatives are cropping up pretty much everywhere and becoming more and more accessible. With an increasing number of eco-savvy customers demanding earth friendly options for all their needs, innovative solutions are appearing in the most unusual of places.

The latest industry to harness a more environmentally friendly approach is the courier and house removal industry. It’s now possible to ship belongings or move house without it costing the earth – quite literally.

Removal lorries are generally gas-guzzling vehicles that cough out harmful toxins into the environment. However, several removal companies are pledging to reduce their CO2 emissions by converting to LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), which, as well as being super fuel efficient, releases 20% less CO2 than standard petrol or diesel.

Of course, when moving, you can do your bit too. Approach local supermarkets and retails outlets for sturdy cardboard boxes to pack your belongings in. They will be more than happy for you to take them off their hands, and you can feel happy in the knowledge you have protected your pocket as well as the earth. If you do buy new, make sure the boxes are made from recycled material.

Save old newspapers, or use sheets and towels to wrap your breakables in, a good alternative to traditional bubble wrap.

Several removal companies are also now offering a free collection service that allows them to collect and recycle used packing material – very green and extremely useful in those stressful days following a house move. Some will even go as far as to collect usable but unwanted items you discover whilst unpacking and take them to a charity shop– how many times have you started unpacking a box, only to find it full of items you haven’t seen for five years anyway!

Of course, it’s a good idea to have a good clear out before the move, selling or recycling unwanted items – one mans trash is another mans treasure! This will make packing and unpacking much easier and avoid filling the lorry with unnecessary items, the lighter the lorry the better the fuel consumption will be.

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