How Personal Solar Panels Could Change the Way we Live

And how personal contribution could be the key

By: Christina Sarich

There are several companies coming out with new ways to live and work greener. Now you can travel greener, too, without having to change cars. With just 17 watts of solar energy mounted to your car, you can travel just about anywhere and have enough juice to power a computer, a small stove, lights, your phone, and more.

Voltaic Systems is one company leading the way with a new generation of affordable, durable, and portable solar panels, though of course other companies have solar offerings as well. With some, you don’t have to ruin the finish of your car, either, since the panels attach with magnets. Many DIYer’s have figured out their own ways to rig up solar power, too, but they have to rely on having an electric car to ‘plug in.’

There are multiple theories about which way to build cars with solar is best, but if you don’t have the money to purchase a ‘solar’ car that’s already on the market, or even an electric one, you can at least augment your dirty petroleum-use with add-ons.

Until we all have solar and wind-powered cars reminiscent of the Jetson’s, we can do our part to stop using oil that causes major spills and serious damage to wild life, our oceans, and even ground water.


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