How Schools Can Start a Green Initiative

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There are many schools looking to go green and start the green initiative as a way of doing something positive for the environment while also teaching the children that attend the school the actual importance behind protecting the environment from pollution, toxic chemicals, and some harmful gases that are released into the air. There are many things that schools can do to start taking the initiative and protect the environment.

Change Lighting in Classrooms
The lighting in the classrooms is one of the easiest steps for schools to take to go green. Instead of using outdated energy wasting incandescent light bulbs, the schools should be using compact fluorescent light bulbs in each room. These light bulbs are more affordable, last longer, and also help to save energy. Conserving energy is important with the process of going green, which is why it makes sense to change these light bulbs as soon as possible.

Send Paperless Notifications to Parents
Most schools send out notifications and calendars to parents on paper. While this may be convenient for some, most parents are able to access the internet. The school could save time and money while also saving paper if they choose to send notifications via e-mail or post them on the school website instead of constantly passing out handouts.

Promote Recycling in the Classroom
Recycling is a great way to reduce waste. However, many students do not realize the importance of placing recycling products in the recycling bin, especially if there is no recycling bin within the classroom. It is important that each classroom have a trash can and a separate can for recycling products. The teacher will be responsible for putting an emphasis on recycling and making sure his or her students place the appropriate products in the correct bin.

Get Kids Involved in Planting Trees and Gardening
Getting kids involved with planting trees and gardening is basically a hands-on way for the school to go green. The students can plant trees, which help to provide clean air to the environment, along with other plants. The students will be able to have a great time while also enjoying an active learning experience on going green and doing good things for the environment.

Provide Organic Locally Grown Fruits for Kids
Most schools serve fruit with breakfast and lunch for the students. The school could contact a local organic farmer who grows these fruits and is willing to provide them to the students at a low cost. This allows the school to support the local economy while serving students healthy and completely natural fruit.

Find Affordable Gas Companies
If the school is using natural gas to provide energy to the classrooms, it is important that the school has an affordable gas company providing such services. If the school is not sure where to turn to find their gas company of choice, they can check out their options on On this site, the school can find out more about direct energy and spark energy.

In reality, there are many fun tips and strategies that schools can follow to take the green initiative. Going green is good for the environment and it is ideal for schools to make these necessary changes while also influencing their students and their families to do the same in their homes.

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