How UPS can Increase the Efficiency of Data Centers?

Guest Post by Dani Kate


There is a common belief that improving the efficiency of a data center UPS system installation can lead to a rise in its running costs. With today’s cutting-edge UPS technologies, however, this does not have to be the case. And one of the best ways to boost data center efficiency in the present scenario includes putting your UPS system in the standby mode.

UPS System in the Standby Mode

Although it may seem counterproductive to the mission of a data center, yet a standby-mode UPS system can actually provide highly consistent protection against power interruption, while also allowing data centers reduce operating costs greatly.

A UPS system in the standby mode only runs if there is any kind of power interruption, and seamlessly transitions to support the load in case power disturbance ensues. On the contrary, on-line design UPS systems run constantly, conditioning utility power that is innately less efficient. Statistics also show the same- while on-line UPS systems usually provide about 90% system efficiency, a standby-mode UPS system typically offers system efficiency of 99%.

“Eco-Mode” UPS Systems

Another solution to boost the efficiency of data centers lies in the energy saving mode of operation for UPS systems, known as “eco-mode.” This mode of operation has been promoted for many years in the industry now as a way to boost UPS energy efficiency and diminish the operating expenses experienced in the data center. This is accomplished by switching the UPS system to static bypass during regular operation. At the time when any power problems are discovered, the UPS system automatically switches back to double conversion mode.

While there are some solutions present in the industry to increase data center efficiency, it is important to note here these solutions cannot ignore the fact that the UPS industry is facing challenges in designing a system that offers both resilience as well as efficiency. However, there are some companies in the market that strive their best to be compliant with the utmost levels of efficiency in terms of energy protection. And one such company is Riello PCI, whose models are classified according to a scale with 6 levels, corresponding with the efficiency value of the UPS system with respect to the European Code of Conduct.

With that said, there is no doubt that improving data center energy efficiency is important in order to reduce total cost of ownership of a data center. And, amidst a few reports citing that data center efficiency may be deteriorating, it is vital to find new ways to escalate energy efficiency, and so reduce both costs and environmental impacts.

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