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Smartphones are nifty for listening to music, playing word games, and taking vintage photos, but did you know that they can also benefit green initiatives? There are great apps out there designed to inform and connect smartphone users over environmental and energy saving issues. These apps do their part to help people become more aware of green issues that may not get much news coverage, or they network people with similar green worldviews. Luckily most of these green apps (including those featured below) are free to download, so you have nothing to lose by checking them out. Here are three apps that have a lot to offer to anyone who’s curious about relevant and environmentally conscious issues.

Project Noah

This is an app for people interest in the beauties of our natural world. Project Noah is in many ways like a social network for nature enthusiasts—think of a Facebook for birdwatchers and animal fans of all stripes. With Project Noah you have the opportunity to use your smartphone as a device for chronicling your nature sightings, be they a rare bird, an interesting flower, or a remarkable insect. You can share your documented nature exploits with other users around the world, comparing notes and getting to know people who share your passion.
What’s even more exciting about this app is that is lets you visit the profiles of people around the world, so you can see pictures from users who see wildlife that you’d never dream of seeing in your hometown. Who knew that the wonders of nature could be witnessed on such a scale from the palm of your hand!

The Good Guide

The Good Guide is an amazing consumer tool for people who want to make environmentally conscious choices about their everyday purchases. The app uses your smartphone’s camera as a bar code scanner to scan and process the bar code of any purchase you want to make. Once the app loads that product’s data, it will show you a chart of information explaining the personal health and environmental impact of that product. The Good Guide assesses a product’s environmental viability across a number of factors, including health, its impact on the environment, and its potential impact on society.
Many consumer goods are advertised as green, healthy, and environmentally friendly, but people can rarely verify such claims when they’re about to make a purchase at the store. This app is a godsend for people who want to know exactly how green their product is.

Easy Green

Sometimes you just want helpful information and tips on how to live a greener life. Easy Green is just such an app, offering a host of articles on green tips and consumer reports about the latest food trends, green products, and energy-saving tools. You’ll have no shortage of material to draw from on this app, as you could spend a good deal of time exploring the app’s backlog of articles on green living. You’ll find recipes for healthy dishes and tips for better eater habits, in addition to articles on how to save energy expenses in your home and press releases on breaking environmental studies. It’s a veritable catchall of green information, and as a free app it’s definitely worth a look.

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