Net Zero House Of Ideas Rises Near LA

Photo Courtesy: Green Idea House

Robert and Monica Fortunato had a great green idea: to build a net zero house just outside Los Angeles at an affordable price.

Their Green Idea House is actually a major renovation, slated to add an office to the Fortunatos’ home of 15 years. The home was designed to net zero standards as a reflection of the family’s commitment to the environment, as well as in support of California’s Public Utilities Commission new guidelines, which mandate that all new residential construction be net zero by 2020. (All new commercial buildings in California will go net zero by 2030.)

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  1. By Buildingwell, July 28, 2011 @ 6:48 AM

    This project sounds like it could play out to be a great case study of renovating an existing home to be net-zero. It will then be interesting to see how the lessons learned can be applied to a multifamily building.

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