Recycling and Waste Removal In Australia

Modern society is full of conveniences; many of those conveniences create massive amounts of waste. This waste must go somewhere and be processed, or simply wait in a landfill where it piles up over time. Some of the worst culprits are plastic water bottles, and single serve coffee containers which are becoming such a problem that they are washing up on beaches all over the world where no-one has ever even lived. The Oceans are full of junk and we are quickly running out of places to stack the stuff so we can bury it and pretend it isn’t there.

Waste solutions style is a much more focused and environmentally friendly prospect. The world is just beginning to wake up to the degree to which human waste disrupts the environment, but Australia is working on programs and waste removal methods that are making an impact. With a high degree of recycling, and the use of rubbish in the creation of sustainable energy, Australia is rich with environmentally aware program development. The responsibility of the individual is certainly not left out of waste management Australia programs, and the road to progress involves everyone.

Each and every person living in Australia and all over the rest of the world needs to take up the mantle of environmental protection of we are going to find a solution to the massive amount of rubbish that is accumulating all over the world. Our oceans and beaches are filling up and we are running out of space on land to “hide” the problem. There is little question that every action has consequences and the rest of the world should follow Australia’s lead in implementing aggressive waste management policies and programs that reduce, re-use, recycle and process trash in ways that are uniquely sustainable.

Since landfills are common in Australia and there is much dependence on these gathering spaces for disposal of waste, as populations raise so too does the amount of waste that is deposited in these places. Beyond this is the problem that as the average income for the area increased so does the waste created by individual families. One of the most impactful changes has been small serving packaging for many common products, which greatly increases the amount of non-recyclable plastic products on the market. Manufacturers are not taking the end result into consideration, thus it is imperative that individuals make the needed changes.

Australians generate over 43 million Tonnes of waste per year, imagine if much of this was able to be recycled, or even could be used to produce truly sustainable power for communities. This change could completely turn around the world trash crisis and take it into a positively impactful idea instead of an environmental detriment. Another unique problem in Australia is the high quantity of food waste that can easily be composted rather than put into the trash bins to accumulate in landfills. All of this is currently being addressed, improved upon and new ideas are being implemented all over Australia to make change on a large scale.

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