Set Some Green Apartment Resolutions for the New Year

Source: Apartment Therapy

Many people don’t follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, but going green is an easy one to fulfill. Making your home in our Irving community more eco-friendly is simple to do.

Use these green living tips to follow your resolutions in 2014:

Shut the heat off before going to bed, but do it a few hours beforehand. Your bedroom will have enough leftover heat to keep you warm through the night, and you’ll sleep better. You’ll also reduce your energy usage and your heating bill.

Get rid of e-waste. Look around your apartment for electronic items you don’t use or need anymore, such as old cell phones or a broken printer. Bring them to a recycling center that handles electronic products.

Remove chemical waste. Toss out cleaners, expired medication and other old or unused products that contain chemicals. Make sure you check the local laws on how to dispose of these items before throwing them out. This clears chemicals out of your home and gives you more space.


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  1. By Maggzz, January 6, 2014 @ 12:16 AM

    Going green is the best way to preserve the earth for many generations to come. And it does not have to be so expensive.. too much pollution by big money movers. If every one will do their part, we can save the earth. I use all green products for my home.

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