By: Casey Coates Danson

The project’s solar panels, which are treated as a design element, generate around a megawatt of energy per day – more than is needed to power the entire resort. Excess energy is stored for rainy or cloudy weather. The island also has a desalination tank that yields a self-sufficient water supply, an efficient waste management system, and landscaping designed to minimize erosion. Yamazaki has incorporated the sustainable features of the property into a design that brings luxury to the forefront.

The central jetty houses 52 villas, which branch off towards the water much like vertebrae from a spine. The villas are endowed with 12-foot soaring ceilings that curve up like cresting waves and roofs that are covered with shingles to reflect local building traditions. The three-room villas are each equipped with a private beach and a private pool, with views that include either an unobstructed sunrise or sunset view each day. For those guests who tire of luxuriating in private, there is also a central restaurant, a bar and pool area, and an on-site spa and gym.


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