Tips and Tricks that Could Help to Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

We all want to know how to save money; this is a fact. We try to buy sensibly in the supermarket when we are doing our weekly shop; some of us even collect coupons. We shop around on the internet for the best deal on a pair of shoes or even a car; so why aren’t we all jumping on the chance to save money on our energy bills? Sometimes all it takes is a little effort and you could be reaping the rewards sooner than you think.

You may be worried about any initial cost of things such as insulation or double glazing, and yes, although they do have an initial outlay, your return on investment will be substantially more than what you paid in the long run.

What Can I Do Myself to Reduce My Energy Costs?
If you would prefer to start out small then there are a number of things that you can do around the house and in your life to reduce your energy costs. These include:

• Washing laundry at 30 degrees
• Take a short shower instead of a bath
• Use appliances efficiently

Try these tips today and see if you notice a change in your energy consumption. However if you are ready to make some serious changes then there are a few things that you can consider doing to drastically improve your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.


Loft Insulation
Up to 25% of the heat in your home is lost through your roof, and the best way to reduce this is to get your loft insulated. Insulating your loft is an effective and simple way of saving money on your energy bills and if it is a simple job you may even be able to do it yourself with a little know how. Loft insulation should last for around 40 years so will be an excellent investment to make and with savings of up to £180 a year, it will pay for itself very quickly.

Double-Glazed Windows
If you think that your windows are getting old and tatty and you feel that you would like to replace them, then getting double glazed windows will be an excellent way to reduce the heat loss. Double glazed windows will also be able to keep the heat of the sun out in the summer which will again reduce the need for cooling fans and air conditioning, again saving you money.

Wall Insulation
Most of the heat in your home is lost through your walls, as much as 35%. Seems like a bit of a waste doesn’t it? There are two ways to insulate your walls; solid wall insulation and cavity wall insulation. The choice will depend on the type of walls that you have, which can be easily worked out. Solid walls let twice as much heat out as cavity walls which can increase your energy bill considerably.

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