Top Ten Simple Tips to Save Water

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Guest Post By Rebecca Jones

Life without water is unimaginable. However, there are many places around the world, which deal with a continuous scarcity of water. If we do not use water carefully, soon there will be a time when the whole world will be facing water problems. In order to protect the environment, it is very essential to conserve water. It is not that we must not use water at all, but we should take care to avoid its wastage. We can reduce our water wastage and save our ecosystem in several ways. Read below to know ten simple ways that can help you in water conservation.
1. Take short showers
The longer we shower, the more water will be wasted. Therefore, take a quick shower and do not waste water unnecessarily. You can also install a showerhead with a low flow. Turn off the shower when not using the water so that the water does not keep flowing uselessly. This will reduce your water usage to one-third of what you used earlier.
2. Check for any leakage
If there is any leakage in your bathroom, toilet or taps, get it fixed immediately. Leakage may cause lots of water wastage. Even a small drip can waste around 20 gallons of water each day! Always keep an eye on every leakage in your house so that you repair it as soon as possible. Installation of a water meter can also help you to detect any leakage in your house.
3. Turn off the water when not being used
Always remember to turn off the water while brushing, shaving or lathering up your hands. This can stop the useless flow of water. When you turn the tap on, keep the flow low. A high flow will only cause wastage of water. Rinsing can be done in low flow of water.
4. Always wash full loads
Whether it is a washing machine or a dishwasher, make sure you have full load of items to be washed. This will not only save your water, but also your electricity. Use detergents that need less water to be rinsed off completely. Use machines that require less water for washing. A front load washing machine requires far less amount of water than a top load machine.
5. Collect and use gray water
The dirty water collected from washing the clothes or dishes can be used to flush the toilets. You can also collect the water that is being used to wash grains and lentils. This water can be used for the plants. This way you can use the gray water and save the clean water.
6. Install a dual-flush toilet
A dual-flush toilet is very useful in conserving water. It has two modes of cleaning; one is by less amount of water and the other by large amount of water. If you feel your toilet requires less cleaning, you can use the flush with less water. This will save you from wasting too much of water in the toilets.
7. Rainwater harvesting
Collect the water whenever it rains. This traditional method of water conservation is very useful. You can later use this rainwater for some domestic purposes, flushing of toilets or watering the garden.
8. Watering the plants
Always water the plants during late evenings or early mornings. This will reduce water evaporation and allow the soil to soak the water in a better way. A micro sprinkler can also allow you to water the plants deeply and with less wastage of water. Do not water the plants when it is too sunny or windy, as it will cause unnecessary water evaporation.
9. Plant drought-resistant plants
If you have a garden, try planting drought-resistant varieties. These plants add greenery to your house in very less amount of water. As these plants do not require much water, there will be water conservation.
10. Increase awareness about water conservation
Educate people on the need of water conservation. Spread the message all around about the importance of water in our life and how we can save the water with very less effort. This way everyone can learn about the importance of water and use it carefully.
Conservation of water does not need too much of cost and effort. If each one of us starts saving water in all possible ways, soon there will be enough water for all those people who have been struggling for it. Water is an important part of life, and we can only enjoy its continuous benefits if we use it with caution. In order to save life we have to save water. Water conservation can also improve the environmental conditions. Therefore, we all must try our best to use water in a proper way.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger and writer. She loves writing on parenting and lifestyle. Beside this, she is fond of travelling and exploring new places. These days she is busy in writing an article on recycled products.

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