Unexpected Roof Design for Solar Panels in this Net Zero Home

Wow – what an unexpected roof design for the solar panels in this Net Zero home. Built in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, this eco-friendly home is a combination of energy efficiency and pragmatic design. The rainy Pacific Northwest is not the easiest place to build a solar home. You can pretty much put your panels anywhere your heart desires in Phoenix, or Palm Springs, where the sun shines most days. But this is a real accomplishment – built by Dwell Development to maximize solar energy collection. The home is constructed with salvaged wood and corrugated metal. Practicing the Dwell Development philosophy, no material is wasted. Windows are triple pane and a Heat Recovery Ventilator provides constant fresh air. A modern home from reclaimed materials, with Net Zero impact. Everything old is new again – but this time, with staying power.

Courtesy: http://snip.ly/7U7B

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