New Wind Power System Claims 70% Increase in Wind Speeds, Triple the Power Output

Mass Megawatts/Screen capture

One wind technology company is taking a different approach to low wind speed power generation with its multi-axis turbines and what they call a wind “augmentation system”, which claims to increase the wind speed at the turbines and triple their power output.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, of Worcester, MA, says that combining their Multi-Axis Turbo system (MAT) and MMW Augmenter will create a wind power technology for profitable electricity generation at sites with lower wind speeds, and increase production to peak levels at high wind sites.

The wind augmentation system uses a fairly simple and inexpensive wind-focusing device to increase the wind speeds directed at the turbines by about 70%, which is said to triple the electrical power generated by those turbines. Mass Megawatts claims this could eliminate the need for towers over 80 feet high for turbines in some areas, reducing the costs for both materials and installations and enabling wind turbines to generate electricity profitably in areas of lower wind speeds.

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