SOLON to Develope 18MW Solar Power Plant


Once installed this system will be one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) systems in the country, creating more than 550 local jobs during construction, and ultimately capable of generating enough solar energy to power more than 4500 …

The largest photovoltaic solar power plant in ...
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First Solar Powered Air-Conditioning System

First Solar Powered Air-Conditioning System

A hot summer and a frying pan house? Well, If you hate paying high electricity bills, here comes a neat alternative energy air-conditioner unit. The Shandong.

Green Car With Style

VW Pholeum – Green Car With Style

These motors are fed on hydrogen fuel cell technology, the next ‘future fuel’, which will generate enough energy to run the car. The design, structure and technology conceptualized for this automotive piece has a promising feel about it …

Use Home Electronic Gadgets the Green Way

Green Computing: How to Use Home Electronic Gadgets the Green Way

Simple measures like the above can help lower greenhouse gas emissions from household electronic devices, minimize e-waste, and reduce energy bill. Using gadgets in a green way does not only keep the earth healthy, it also helps save …

Wind energy ‘pipeline’ from Texas

Wind energy ‘pipeline’ from Texas to the Southeast – SmartPlanet

Texas leads the nation in wind power, with more than 9700 operating wind turbines. The southeastern United States? Not nearly as many. But Pattern En.

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